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New Projects

Dow Automotive

​​Auburn Hills, Michigan

This administrative and research facility includes a vehicle teardown and storage area, a component impact testing area, a reverberation room, an anechoic chamber, a powertrain testing lab and an acoustical material lab, as well as, a large office area. A unique feature of this building is the raised access flooring throughout the entire office area for all mechanical and electrical systems. This facilitates quick and easy office alterations.

Material Sciences Corporation
Canton Township, Michigan


Material Sciences Corporation, inventor of Quiet Steel®, approached Gillett Associates to design a state-of-the-art, fully integrated R&D facility. The finished product includes offices and high-tech product development labs combined with world class NVH testing facilities consisting of the following: four wheel drive chassis dynamometer, structural dynamics hemi anechoic chamber, benchmarking Room, and three fully environmentally controlled brake dynamometers capable of running all global brake NVH procedures.


Auburn Hills, Michigan

Continental-Teves, a Tier One automotive supplier, enlisted Gillett Associates as part of a design-build team to design their North American headquarters and development center. The building consists of Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) labs, brake dynamometers, an ABS lab, sensor labs, chassis/powertrain labs, metrology lab, as well as engineering and corporate office space.

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